June 3rd, 2018

Toronto comes together to rally for change for the better

The room was full of excitement and hope Sunday when more than 1,200 people joined Andrea Horwath to rally for change for the better just four days before the election.

“Something special is happening in Ontario,” said Horwath “There’s this growing idea that we don’t have to settle anymore. We don’t have to accept cuts, or wait longer for the health care we urgently need.

“Together, we can end hallway medicine and fix our hospitals. We can make life more affordable for everyday families. We can build up our schools, and have more good jobs. We can make Ontario the first province where everyone has dental coverage, and no one goes without the medicine they need.

“Folks are feeling a kind of hope that’s been missing from our politics for far too long.”

With just days to go before the election, Kathleen Wynne conceded – and with voters choosing between Horwath and Doug Ford, any votes for the Liberals only help Ford, now.

Ford has vowed to cut more than $6 billion from the services Ontarians count on, and promised to “leave no stone unturned” when it comes to privatization. Those across-the-board cuts would equal 28,000 nurse layoffs, plus 780 schools shut down and many more deep, painful cuts.

“People can’t afford Ford’s deep cuts and mass layoffs to pay for his tax giveaways for the rich,” said Horwath. “No one can afford to wait longer for health care, or to pay more for the basics like transit. And we can’t afford to send our kids to even more crowded schools with even fewer teachers.

“Change for the better is closer than ever. I’m confident that, together, people can win this election.”