May 17th, 2022

Statement from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath on OPSEU endorsement

PETERBOROUGH — NDP leader Andrea Horwath sends the following statement of thanks to OPSEU President JP Hornick, First Vice-President/Treasurer Laurie Nancekivell and OPSEU’s 180,000 members following a historic endorsement from the union:

“I am thrilled and grateful to OPSEU for their historic endorsement of the NDP. New Democrats are dedicated to fighting for public services and public employees — for wages that actually pay the bills, and safe work. I know who I stand with, before, during and after an election: Ontario’s working people.

Doug Ford and the Conservatives are driving down wages, capping the pay of every provincial worker below inflation with Bill 124, and their policies are sending a wage-suppressing ripple through all sectors of the economy. Conservatives cut — and that hurts working people. Meanwhile, the cost of living is going through the roof.

New Democrats will scrap Doug Ford’s low wage bill 124 immediately. We’ll fix the damage the Conservatives have done by reversing their cuts to public health care, our children’s public schools, legal aid, social services and more. The NDP stands in solidarity with OPSEU and recommits to defend and expand the public services that families in Ontario depend on. To President JP Hornick, First Vice-President and Treasurer Laurie Nancekivell and each of OPSEU’s 180,000 members, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do for Ontario.”

OPSEU President JP Hornick

“OPSEU/SEFPO strongly supports Andrea Horwath and the NDP. They are champions of public services and Ontario workers. The NDP will invest in Ontario’s public services and bring progress for working class people. Investing in public services means investing in a future where everyone can thrive and have decent jobs. That is the future we need to vote for, and that is the future we can achieve by working together and using our voices. This election I encourage you to vote for Andrea Horwath and the NDP.”


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